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Rental conditions

rental conditions harley davidson

The reserve will be effective after the payment of 20% of the entire rental amount. This 20% can be payed by Credit Card clicking the link that we'll send to the email of the customer jointly to the rental confirmation.


To rent a motorbike with us, the customer must be at least 25 years old and must have at least a 2 years driving license.


Kms. unlimited from 7 days rental and more. From 1 to 6 days rental you can drive 300 kms. each day without any charge. Extra kms. 0,30 eurocents / km. 

The motorbike is delivered in good mechanical and bodywork conditions. Before signing the contract, customers can check the conditions of the motorbike and all damages.

Wellcome Bikers Espana in every case guarantee the class of the chosen bike.

It's expressly forbidden to drive the motorcycle in a speed circuit.

The motorbike usually will be delivered with a full tank of petrol and it must be returned with the tank FULL. In every case you must return with the same quantity of fuel.

In some model it's available the GPS Garmin Navigator opcional for 10,00 euros each day (max. euros 70,00). You can ask it and contract it at delivery moment.

Documents required: driving licence for motorbike 750 cc or higher (A licence); Valid identity card or passport. Customers from non UE countries need also a valid International Driving Licence. See more for the validity of your driving license.

All contraventions taken during the rental period must be paid by the customer, that assume all responsibilities. 

The road traffic infringements will be sended to the customer address by the competent authority.

The rest of the rental will be paid before delivery moment. 


The motorbike is covered by a Full road assistance and FULL KASKO Insurance for SPAIN and EUROPE. It cover damages, accidents, theft and RC 3th parts.

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