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Harley Davidson Rental Spain

BMW Touring Rental Spain

Driving License requirements

to drive in Spain

rental conditions harley davidson


FOR citizens of EUROPEAN states and Eureopean Economical space countries

You need only your country European Driving license with class "A" motorcycle up to 35kw.

See example and countries below..



FOR citizens of Countries with "CONVENIO BILATERAL DEL CANJE" 

You need only your country Motorcycle Driving license valid up to 35kw.

See countries below..





Usually is accepted your country driving license with standard photo, dates, MOTORCYCLE category, colors and format but 

is strongly recommended obtain an IDP (International driving permit) mainly for the insurance validity.


You may required this from an AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATION of your country and it's not very expensive

(usually from 10,00 to 15,00 euros).


In the USA, from the American Automobile Association and the American Automobile Touring

Alliance’s National Automobile Club;

In Canada, from the Canadian Automobile Association.

In Australia from the Automobile Association of your home state.

In most other countries, the IDP is available from the national Automobile association or Automobile or touring club.


You may ask to your national office that usually issue the driving licenses.






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