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Cancellation Policy

last update: 02/08/2020

Cancellation Policy as normative CE (2003).


The deposit of 20% to pay at booking moment is needed to lock the motorbike for you. In case you paid the 20% deposit and you will not be able to rent the bike with us, if you have to cancel for every case, you will recover the 100% amount paid to re-schedule your trip without problems.


a) If you will not be able to rent the bike FOR NORMAL REASONS  you will loose only the 20% of the total for cancellations informed to our email within 30 days from the rental date, the 50% for cancellations within 15 days, 80% within 7 days, the full amount the last week.

b) If you will not be able to rent the bike FOR EXTRAORDINARY REASONS ( like Stops of flights, strikes, natural disasters, earthquakes, epidemiological restrictions, wars ) we will send you a voucher coupon for the 100% of the amount paid to be used for your next rental with us and so allow you to don't loose nothing as money.

In any case you will not be refunded but you will receive a voucher coupon to use on your next rental or by moving the dates to recover the amount (a) or (b). 

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