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Harley Davidson Rental Spain

BMW Touring Rental Spain

Why  Spain on motorbike from Alicante?

Because is the strategic point


from where you can easily and quickly reach four provinces of Spain: VALENCIA, MURCIA, ANDALUCIA, CASTILLA-LA MANCHA.


Alicante - Valencia 166 km.

Alicante - Murcia 80,5 km.

Alicante - Almeria 291 km.

Alicante - Madrid 421 km.

Madrid - Toledo 72,3 km.

Alicante - Albacete 168 km.

Alicante - Malaga 472 km.


If you want you can take the ferry

from Valencia to Ibiza or Palma de Mallorca. 


Because here you have CITY, SEA and MOUNTAIN.


Big cities such as Alicante, Valencia, Murcia, Madrid, Almeria, Toledo, Malaga. A wonderful coast of sand and rocks, and an innumerable amount of mountains with breathtaking trails that seem built specifically for a motorcycle trip. 

For its gastronomy and its famous wines in the world.


The "TAPA" is the typical food of Spain. You can eat this at restaurants, pubs and bars all over the country.


The "PAELLA" is typical of VALENCIA. You can enjoy this with meat or fish.


The "RUTA del VINO de ALICANTE" is a gastronomic route where you can stop to the wineries and taste FOOD and WINE. A motorbike experience: Road, Food, Wine and Relax.

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For its many facilities such as Hotels, Bed & Breakfast and "CASA RURALES"

that offer really good service at very affordable rates.

You can easily sleep in a Bed & Breakfast with 25 euros, in a Hotel with 40/45 euros or, if you want, you can reserve an apartament or an house directly to the owner.

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Because is easily accessible from all parts of the world

especially for those coming from Europe using cheap airlines such as Ryanair, VUELING, EASYJET, WIZZY, etc.

Alicante have its international Airport "EL ALTET".

If booked in advance, a round trip ticket can cost you less than 100 euros.


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harley davidson rental spain
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